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This is not your typical newsletter with a bunch of links. This is a story. A story of a growing community with a common mission - to move the web forward. Join the ride!

Common Questions

What's in the email?

Latest Svelte news, awesome tips and tutorials, showcases, pointers to other related reactive and modern web technologies such as RxJS, Google Firebase and AWS Amplify and occasional fun fact or bad joke.

How often does this come out?

First Monday each month.

Is this the official Svelte newsletter?

No, it is not. There is none as I know of at least.

Who is behind this?

Hi! I am ilia (il-ee-uh), a developer with interest in modern web technogies and a huge Svelte.js fan. You can find me ranting on Twitter and on my blog.

Will you sell my email to evil corporations?

Never during this lifetime!